Science Curriculum Highlights

Above - Our Wave Pendulum.
Below - The ROV team from Seven Hills gives yet another impressive showing at the regional competition. Our design took the 1st place prize for design and innovation.
Above - A photo and video remotely taken by Mr. Shargel from 91,000 feet. The Earth truly is round! Here is more information on our High Altitude Ballooning Program.
Below - Our ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) prepped and ready for action at a 2010 competition in Monterey. We placed 3rd out of 40 teams with our unique designs and innovations.
Above - Physiology and anatomy are two topics 7th graders spend quiet a bit of time studying. Here we have learned the locations and relative sizes of the muscles in our upper torso.

Below - 8th graders unearthing artifacts during an archeological dig during a 3 week break from out study of chemistry and physics.

Above - The end of a chemistry demonstration. Sheets of dry ice enclosing a burning ball of magnesium. We start with silver magnesium and white dry ice. We end up with white powdery magnesium dioxide and black carbon.

Below - Two Lego robotic dragsters ready to race.

Above - Mr. Shargel demonstrating Newton's Laws of motion.

Below - Students racing their cardboard boats in our school pool. An excellent lesson in buoyancy.
Above - Rockets take off during a 6th grade week devoted entirely to building flying machines.

Below - Happy students taking a break on top of Mt. Baldy in Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park on the 6th grade outdoor science expedition.
Below - Sound waves grow cornstarch into amazing different forms!